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Structure of a garage

Home insurance is a crucial safeguard for homeowners, providing financial protection against a range of unexpected events. While most homeowners are familiar with the coverage for their main dwelling, they may not be aware of the equally important coverage known as “Other Structures Coverage” or “Coverage B.”

In this post, we’ll delve into the world of Other Structures Coverage, explaining what it is, why you need it, and how it can maximize your overall home insurance policy.


Other Structures Coverage is a component of your home insurance policy that extends protection to structures on your property other than your main dwelling. These structures can include detached garages, sheds, barns, guest houses, and even outdoor amenities like swimming pools and fences.

Other Structures Coverage Examples

To give you a better idea, consider these Coverage B or Other Structures examples:

Detached Garage: If a storm damages your detached garage or it’s vandalized, Other Structures Coverage can help cover the repair or replacement costs.

Garden Shed: A shed is often a significant investment whether it’s used for storage or as a workspace. Other Structures Coverage ensures it’s protected from common perils.

Swimming Pool: Your beautiful swimming pool can be expensive to repair if damaged; in many policies, this coverage can help cover the damages from a covered peril.

Why Do You Need Other Structure Coverage B?

Your property likely includes valuable structures not attached to your main dwelling. These structures are susceptible to the same risks as your home, such as fire, theft, vandalism, and weather-related damage. Without Other Structures Coverage B, you’d be left with significant out-of-pocket expenses for damage or loss.

Besides protection, there are financial benefits to consider. If a covered event damages your other structures, your home insurance will help cover repair or replacement costs. This can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.


If your property boasts outdoor amenities like swimming pools, fences, or landscaping, you’ll want to ensure they are adequately covered. Accidents, damage, or theft can impact these outdoor features, and Separate Structures Coverage can provide the financial protection.

What’s Covered Under Other Structures Coverage?

Other Structures Coverage typically includes protection for various structures on your property, such as:

● Detached garages

● Sheds

● Guest houses or cottages

● Barns or stables

● Swimming pools

● Fences

● Driveways and walkways

● Gazebos and pergolas

● Outdoor kitchens or fireplaces

The extent of coverage for other structures in insurance may vary depending on your policy, so it’s essential to review your specific coverage with your insurance provider.

Coverage B & Other Structures Exclusions

While Other Structures Coverage is comprehensive, there are certain exclusions and limitations to be aware of. Common exclusions may include damage caused by:

● Earthquakes and floods (these may require separate policies)

● Wear and tear over time

● Insects or pests

● Intentional damage

Understanding these exclusions is crucial to avoid any surprises when you file a claim. Consider additional coverage options if you live in an area prone to specific risks — like earthquakes or floods.

Addressing Coverage Gaps

To address potential coverage gaps, consult with your insurance provider. They can help you assess your property’s unique needs and recommend appropriate adjustments or additional coverage options to ensure you’re adequately protected.


Evaluating Structure Values

Determining the right coverage amount for your other structures begins with evaluating their values. Consider factors such as construction costs, age, condition, and any recent upgrades or renovations.

Factors Affecting Coverage Limits

Similarly, several factors can influence the coverage limits you should set — including your location, the local cost of construction, and the overall value of your property. Working with an insurance agent who knows your area can be invaluable.

Consulting with an Insurance Agent

Insurance agents specialize in assessing your property’s unique needs and tailoring coverage accordingly. They can provide you with expert guidance to ensure your Other Structures Coverage aligns with your property’s value and potential risks.


Premium Impact

Adding Other Structures Coverage to your home insurance policy will impact your premiums. However, the increase is typically proportional to the coverage amount and the value of the covered structures.

Balancing Coverage with Affordability

While it’s essential to have adequate coverage, it’s also crucial to balance that with affordability. Your insurance agent can help you strike the right balance, ensuring you’re protected without overextending your budget.

Strategies to Save on Insurance Costs

To manage your insurance costs effectively, consider strategies such as bundling your home and auto insurance, maintaining a good credit score, and implementing safety measures like installing security systems and smoke detectors.


Regular Property Assessments

Periodically assess the value and condition of your Other Structures. As your property changes, adjust your coverage accordingly to ensure you’re adequately protected.

Understanding Policy Endorsements and Riders

Consider additional endorsements or riders to enhance your coverage. These can provide added protection for specific items or events that may not be fully covered by your standard policy.

Steps to Take in the Event of a Claim

In the unfortunate event that you need to file a claim, be proactive:

● Contact your insurance company promptly.

● Document the damage with photographs.

● Keep records of all communication with your insurer.


Other Structures Coverage is a vital component of your home insurance policy, offering protection for valuable structures and amenities on your property. By understanding the importance of this coverage and how it works, you can ensure that they safeguard your investments against unexpected events. Regular assessments and consultations with insurance professionals will help you maximize your coverage and secure your property effectively.

And if you need help finding the best Other Structures or homeowners insurance coverage for the best price, start by speaking to a SimplyIOA agent at 833.872.4467 or get a homeowners insurance quote online now.

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