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How much does it cost to replace a motor mount?

Motor mounts are a critical component of a vehicle’s mechanics, often overlooked but essential for a smooth and comfortable driving experience. These sturdy components serve as a buffer between the engine and the chassis, dampening vibrations and reducing noise.

However, just like any part of a vehicle, motor mounts can wear out over time, leading to the need for replacement. In this post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of motor mount replacement, explore the factors influencing the cost of fixing motor mounts, and discuss whether insurance can come to the rescue when faced with this expense.


Motor mounts, sometimes called engine mounts, hold the engine securely in the engine bay. They play a crucial role in minimizing the transfer of engine vibrations to the vehicle’s frame, thus enhancing overall driving comfort.

By isolating the engine’s movements, motor mounts reduce noise levels in the cabin and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on various components.

Signs of Motor Mount Damage

Recognizing the signs of damaged motor mounts is vital to preventing future issues.

  • If you notice excessive vibrations, especially when the vehicle is idling or speeding up, it could be a telltale sign of worn-out motor mounts.
  • Unusual noises, such as clunking or thudding, particularly when shifting gears, can also show damage.
  • Additionally, if you observe the engine moving excessively or notice a misaligned engine component, it’s time to have your motor mounts inspected.

Motor Mount Replacement Process

The process of replacing motor mounts is not a DIY task and should be left to professional mechanics. It typically involves the following steps:

1. Vehicle inspection: Mechanics assess the extent of damage and identify which motor mounts need replacement.

2. Engine support: The engine is supported securely using specialized tools to prevent it from dropping during the replacement process.

3. Old mount removal: The old, worn-out motor mounts are carefully removed from their positions.

4. New mount installation: The new motor mounts are positioned correctly and securely attached.

5. Engine repositioning: The engine is lowered back into its original position, and all components are reconnected.

6. Testing: The vehicle is thoroughly tested to ensure the new motor mounts function as intended.

Motor Mount Replacement Costs

How much does it cost for a motor mount replacement? Engine mount repair cost can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Vehicle Make and Model: Different vehicles have different motor mount configurations, affecting parts availability and labor time.
  • Location: Labor rates can differ significantly depending on the region.
  • Type of Mounts: Some vehicles have hydraulic or electronically controlled motor mounts, which can be more expensive to replace than traditional mounts.

The average cost of motor mount replacement can range from $200 to $800 per mount, including parts and labor. Getting multiple quotes from reputable repair shops is essential to ensure you’re getting a fair price.


Whether the engine mount replacement cost is covered by insurance depends on the type of insurance policy you have and the circumstances of the damage. There are two primary types of coverage to consider:

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage typically covers non-collision events, such as natural disasters, falling objects, vandalism, and theft. Comprehensive coverage might apply if a motor mount damage results from such events.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage covers damages resulting from accidents involving other vehicles or objects. However, it might not cover wear and tear or other non-collision-related damage.

Factors Influencing Insurance Coverage for Motor Mount Damage

The extent of insurance coverage for car engine mount replacement costs depends on several factors:

  • Cause of Damage: If the damage was caused by an accident or another driver, collision coverage might apply. If it’s because of non-collision factors, comprehensive coverage could be relevant.
  • Policy Details: Review your insurance policy to understand the specific terms and conditions regarding coverage for motor mount replacement.
  • Insurance Provider: Different insurance companies have varying policies and interpretations of coverage.

Steps to Take if Motor Mount Damage is Covered

If you believe your insurance covers motor mount replacement, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Contact your insurance company: Notify them of the damage and provide all necessary information.
  2. 2. File a claim: Your insurance provider will guide you through the claim process.
  3. 3. Document the damage: Take photos of the damaged motor mounts and any related documentation.
  4. 4. Keep records: Maintain a record of repair estimates, invoices, and communication with the insurance company.

Steps to Take if Motor Mount Damage isn’t Covered

If your insurance doesn’t cover motor mount replacement, consider these steps:

  1. 1. Get multiple estimates: Reach out to different repair shops to get quotes for the replacement cost.
  1. 2. Explore financing options: Some repair shops offer financing plans to help you manage the cost.
  1. 3. Budget and plan: If the cost is substantial, create a budget and savings plan to cover the expense gradually.

Preventive Maintenance to Avoid Broken Motor Mount Cost

Preventing motor mount damage is often more cost-effective than dealing with replacements. Here are some preventive maintenance tips:

  • Regularly inspect motor mounts during routine maintenance checks.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration and abrupt gear changes, which can strain motor mounts.
  • Address engine issues promptly to prevent excessive vibrations and stress on the mounts.

Motor mount replacement is a necessary maintenance task that ensures a comfortable and smooth driving experience. Understanding the signs of motor mount damage, the replacement process, associated costs, and insurance coverage options can help vehicle owners make informed decisions. Whether insurance covers motor mount replacement, staying proactive with maintenance, and promptly addressing issues are crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s longevity and performance.

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